Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling Is a Catalyst That Helps You
Accomplish Your Goals and Overcome Your Struggles

There are many reasons why people come to me for individual counseling, but the primary reason is to alleviate their emotional challenges and setbacks so they can embark on a clearer path to reaching their personal goals.

As your therapist I will help you to identify your agenda for each session and what you would like to accomplish. You are always free to address anything that you believe to be important in your life, and I'll provide you with a variety of suggestions and perspectives, while asking you thought provoking questions and listen to you with acceptance, understanding and compassion.

You will also be offered any combination of the following:

We will also work together to develop concrete actions steps for you to take between sessions. Your accomplishment of these steps will help you make great progress toward the achievement of your goals.

Sessions range from 30 minutes to 100 minutes depending on your wants and needs and financial circumstances. Most often they take place in my office. However, I recognize that circumstances sometimes prevent a person from coming in. Phone sessions are available at these times.

How we think, feel and act in therapy is how we think, feel and act in life.

When you think about the above statement you'll come to understand why I put the focus squarely on the interactions that you and I have during the course of our therapy.

This will help you to understand your relationships better on many levels. We focus on the present moment, the "here and now," which is a very effective self-improvement strategy.

The sooner you contact me the sooner you'll be on the road to having the life that YOU WANT.

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