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Hi, I'm Jeff Schneider - a licensed clinical social worker and relationship specialist dedicated to helping those who desire more ease, confidence and satisfaction and who desire stronger, more fulfilling relationships filled with love, communication, caring and passion.

Jeff Schneider

During this time I worked with people from all walks of life and from very different socioeconomic categories. My insight, sensitivity and compassion enabled me to engage and connect with wide ranging people with significantly different needs and problems.

As a married man of 21 years, father of a teenage girl, spiritual practitioner, brother, friend and private practitioner, I understand the challenges of managing multiple roles while striving to maintain a healthy, caring, and understanding relationship. I've drawn not only from my educational experience (I hold a Masters Degree in Social Work from Adelphi University), but my personal experiences - the ups and downs of a long-term committed relationship, the closeness and distance in it, the joys and sorrows, the bickering and differences of opinions, the passion and lack of passion at times, the negotiation and compromise and the efforts to balance professional, individual and family needs - to develop and deliver successful programs that helps people create a more harmonious, respectful and caring relationship where their wants and needs are met.

Through engaging in my own counseling process, learning from mentors and supervisors, participating in a variety of very in-depth personal, professional and spiritual programs, being part of a monthly men's group for 20 years, following a spiritual path and meditating daily, I have been able to cultivate some semblance of balance and harmony.

By cultivating balance and harmony, doing deep healing work and through my wife and I identifying our wants and needs, communicating openly and directly (and yes, this has definitely taken some work), walking our spiritual path and understanding that men and women often really are from different planets, that we have a healthy, loving, supportive and respectful relationship.

My insight, sensitivity and compassion enables me to engage and connect with a wide range of people with significantly different needs and problems. I assist people struggling with substance abuse, eating disorders, relationship problems, depression, fear, anxiety and low self-esteem. My integration of counseling, twelve-step philosophy, experiential exercises, the Emotional Freedom Techniques and spirituality consistently results in my clients improving relationships, resolving inner conflicts, raising self-esteem and experiencing greater happiness.

Clients and friends will sometimes ask me why I do what I do. They will also ask how I can listen to people talk about their pain and about their history of traumatic incidents. I do it to help alleviate their suffering, to help them feel better, to have more ease and peace in their lives. I feel uplifted and grateful to be an integral part of their healing. When I see and hear that people have created more harmony, understanding, caring and passion in their relationship, that they have become more open with one another, that they are having more fun I feel fulfilled and have more meaning in my life.

I am committed to help you feel more ease, confidence and satisfaction in your life and to give you the tools that you need so you, too, can be in a healthy, loving, supportive and respectful relationship.

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