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Individual Counseling

Years of care-taking and loss have left me drained and depressed. I re-contacted Jeff as years ago I had worked with him and had made great strides and had many breakthroughs. In our meetings we began using EFT. It makes so much sense to me that feelings that are not experienced fully become stuck inside the body causing physical and emotional aliments. One of the very first experiences of tapping with Jeff was in regard to the critical voice that lives in my head. Through tapping I had the experience that I am unique, intelligent, insightful, articulate, and a seeker of enlightenment. As we continued to tap I felt a definite shift within my body and my spirit. It felt great! Now when the voice begins to do a number on me I have a way to silence it. I am so grateful for this experience and to be reconnected with Jeff who continues to help me evolve as an individual and a human being.
Rita, May 12, 2011

Jeff helped me to improve communication in my personal and professional life, increase my self-awareness and coping skills, and helped me to become less afraid of life and its many challenges. He helped me to move past some tough times and challenges and helped me to feel more hopeful about the future. I think more people, especially men, should consider counseling if they are feeling "stuck" or unhappy in their lives.
Vito P., Musician

When we met, I was not in a healthy place emotionally, mentally, spiritually, or physically; but in fact, it is in retrospect that I truly see how lost I was, and how truly grateful I am for your assistance.

My individual counseling sessions with you have been a pilgrimage to my self. Before I began working with you, I was a stranger to me: with your guidance I have grown not only to know myself, but to be a friend to me as well.

I'm thankful, too, for your help with family issues -- through couples' sessions, I am more understanding of my husband, and through family sessions, my husband and my son have gone from conflict to the close relationship they share today.

Thank you for leading me to the health and strength I now enjoy. Francine

Prior to working with Jeff, I had difficulty being able to judge what is in my best interests. I was unaware of my goals or how to accomplish them. Since I have been doing personal growth work with Jeff individually and in group, I am much clearer as to my goals and the best way to proceed to accomplish them.

Also, I had difficulty being able to communicate and express myself appropriately to convey my message. Jeff has helped me be much more specific, clear and brief to accomplish this.

Before entering counseling, I always had a goal of higher education, however, I did not have any idea what field nor did I have the necessary motivation to achieve this. Jeff helped me clarify my goals as well as help me improve my confidence to achieve them. I have since successfully completed my bachelor's and master's degrees and am enjoying working in a related field.

Thank you Jeff for your help in my journey.

Group Counseling

This (counseling group) is for deep learning and deep healing. I could not have made the changes that I have made, especially in my relationship with my wife, without it and without you all. Being in it has been invaluable.
Kevin D., Retired Fireman, FDNY

Initially I was very timid to join group counseling and was actually frightened because I was scared how other people would view me. I see in group that a lot of people share the same problems that I have and that I'm not alone. It's been a very positive experience for me and I am learning how to deal with the pain in life in a much more positive way.
David C.

Emotional Freedom Techniques

Recently I engaged Jeff to administer, share and experience the Emotional Freedom Technique. While I only had a brief prior exposure to this technique, Jeff was brilliant, knowledgeable, gracious and completely supportive in completely shifting my energy and outlook!

Complete, amazing, total and immediate transformation occurred following our session. I went from being stuck and nearly paralyzed with fear to seeing possibilities, breaking out of the fear, re-shifting my "energy" and focus and taking action. I have stepped into my power and am incredibly grateful to Jeff for his expertise and talent.

Thank you Jeff!
Founder/CEO WISE Solutions

I was struggling with emotional eating and it was very frustrating because I didn't know how to deal with it. With EFT, you helped me to get in touch with the underlying emotion that I was avoiding and you taught me how to free myself from it.

The three most significant improvements in my life, thanks to our EFT session, are:

  1. I'm no longer using food to avoid or distract myself from unpleasant emotions.
  2. It's easier for me to stay focused and clear about what I really want in other areas of my life as well.
  3. I know what to do to regain my focus if I start to feel overwhelmed or out of control.
Annie, Los Angeles, California

Your understanding of my fear that my bones might not knit as quickly or as well as they should and your manner in guiding me through the EFT steps can only be described as fantastic. At the beginning of the session we put my hard, grapefruit sized, green, rough fear at about 5 or 6. By the end of the session it was almost completely gone. And it hasn't returned.

Thank you, thank you.
Judith Baxter, Waikanae, New Zealand

Family Counseling

My family and I saw Jeffrey for insight into a specific problem we were having. In the course of counseling he helped us identify some long standing patterns between us that were limiting our communication.

Jeffrey's skill and focused attention provided an opportunity to for us to understand each other better. As a result we have become closer as a family and our ability to make clear and beneficial decisions has increased. Jeffrey's informed and compassionate manner created the safety we needed to move ahead.
Dr. Bruce Schneider (no relation to Jeffrey), New Paltz, NY

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